Monday, 14 September 2009

Newspaper Design, Proposal Media Studies A2 - Matthew Shirley

For this years project i will be designing a newspaper's front cover and a page on the inside. The paper will be aimed at the younger generation of Bromley, 17-21 Year olds. The paper will be free and handed out the same day (Wednesday) that the newshopper gets given out. The paper will include recent topics and looking at the different social groups, perhaps the south-east area, therefore youth can relate to, It would then get there attention and maybe encourage them to read it. The design of it will be very stylish and full of colour.

Obviously the adverts and sponsors will be running the newspaper, i need to make sure that the adverts hit the target audience, ABC1, Upper Middle, Middle, Lower Middle.

my lead story/headline will include a subject that not only effects young people but changes the way the older generation perceive the youth of today. The accompanying photograph i will have for this subject will be a very cheerful, happy picture so the instant thought of the reader is that it is good news. It will be a good representation of young people and like i said earlier, perhaps challenges the idea that all youths are causing trouble.

The younger generation are perceived to be miss-behaved, troubled and perhaps disrespectful, however the newspaper that i will be writing, will change this representation. i will aim to differ from this widely national opinion and maybe represent the younger generation.

My Newspaper is aimed at the youth of today, however i will also encourage the older generation to read the paper. This is partly due to the fact that i want there opinion to change as well, not only for the younger generation but for how they relate to the youth.
The audience will also keep the paper running, due to the advertisements and sponsor's coming from the public who pay for those services, so without them i wouldn't have a paper to write about.

My newspaper will be an independent production. I will have a small distributer however this will revolve around my paper and my decisions.

There will be noticeable things that the audience knows its for that specific audience, E.g colours, font, text and images. the titles as well as the images will all be an indication into what it contains.

My story will contain very real-life content and perhaps shock the audience but in a good way. A front cover should always give off some kind of indication of what it contains, for example with mine it will follow conventions in how the masthead and picture will be laid out in a similar way to other free newspapers. the content will involve a free, local paper, with a lot to say about how the youth are represented and what they are doing in there local area to contribute to the community.
The masthead will also give some kind of indication of what it is about, as well as the images and captions for these images.

Matthew Shirley